Sunday 10 July 2022

Annuar Musa, Strategic Communication, July 8 : Di Mana??

is  a  song  from  the now disbanded retro rock group NAIF,  which  call it quits last year after some 25 years in the business,  having been inspired by Nirvana.

COMMUNICATIONS  MINISTER  should walk the talk on  all fronts,  if  other ministries are to take him seriously.

Kini sendiri gundah gulana menduga
Di manakah dia?
Ke mana ku tak tahu
Ke mana, di mana
Ke mana perginya

TODAY is July 11th,  72 hours have passed us by and Annuar Musa hasn't responded to his OWN DEADLINE.  READ : 5G : Everything will be concluded by July 8.