Wednesday 6 July 2022

Diss Track : Anthony Loke : Black Like Me

is  the historic 2020 single by Mickey Guyton,  that won her a Grammy nomination for Best country solo country performance,  the first time a black  woman had been nominated.

ONLY Anthony Loke,  the former Transport knows for sure the anwser  to the FOLLOWING  QUESTION.

They said I was different
Oh now, now I'm all grown up, and nothing has changed
Yeah, it's still the same
It's a hard life on easy street
Just white painted picket fences far as you can see
If you think we live in the land of the free
You should try to be black like me

IS Anthony Loke,  the former Transport Minister and currently the secretary general of DAP a closet RACIST?  


WHAT we know so far is Anthony Loke had made some damaging statement against Inai Kiara READ  :Govt awarded contract to 'bankrupt' company with 'bad' track record - Loke

NOW  when damaging   statement  are found  to be not true and one does not own up to it and make a correction,  then eventually those  STATEMENTS become bonafide FABRICATION!!!