Thursday 21 July 2022

Diss Track : Anthony Loke : Yang itu, Yang Ini

is a song from the hip hop collaborative duo Heidi and Luca Sickta, which was released some two years ago.

NAJIB Razak owns ANTHONY Loke with his recent post on the former transport minister, who happens to be the current secretary general of DAP.

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Pandai cakap
Bila buat tak tahu

Cakap dia putar belit lain
Yang ini
Bicara tipu tak leh selit like
Yang itu

Fitnah digilap hilangnya
Gemerlap cahaya malam
Lidah berbelit pula puncanya

ANTHONY Loke is a very good talker but very low on substance,.and lower still on what is important in terms of national interest. READ:  Kadir Jasin: Anthony Loke has FAILED