Friday 1 July 2022

Pemuda UMNO : Tak SANGKA

 topped the Malaysian charts for a record six weeks last  October,  is the maiden hip hop collaboration between Yonnyboii, Zynakal & Asyraf Nasir.

NOT since Anwar Ibrahim won leadership role in UMNO Youth by a mere 10 votes in 1982,   have the Youth movement  presented this nation,  with a man with street credentials  who could lead.

NAJIB Razak,  despite attaining the premier ship,  only emerged as a real leader with street credentials  after he lost GE 14.

THE embarrassment of the 40 year wait,  was on full display today after the briefing on  Digital Nasional  Bhd  today.  The lack of not having class was too evident,  to dismiss, and too obvious not to notice.

Tak sangka, tak sangka, tak sangka
Kau hanya nak cari salah

Biar putih tulang
Jangan putih mata
Jangan pernah lupa
Hati dalam hitam
Mulut terbuka tapi tak terkata

Buta temberang palsu
Ditatang manis air muka
Senyuman di belakang pintu
Muka yang tak tahu malu
Sang penipu yang meniru
Tapi tak nak mengaku

AFTER ALL  the hell raised a week ago .

UMNO Youth found it too hard to be magnamous , despite being defeated soundly by Digital Nasional Bhd,  by atleast congratulating the company for putting Malaysia on  the World 5g Map.  READ : Opensignal: Malaysia Currently Has The Second Fastest 5G Network In The World.