Wednesday 27 July 2022

Di Puji Tak Terbang, Di Hina Tak Tumbang : Malaysia's Inai Kiara : Break My Stride

is the one hit wonder of 1984 for Matthew Wilder, which re-emerged on the charts in 2020 with 1.4 million streams thanks to the power of Tik Tok.

WITH  reports emerging that INAI KIARA is on a no man is left behind mission, the onus now is for the company to get its act together.

Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down, 
I got to keep on moving
Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
I'm running and I won't touch ground

AT its peak, READ : Inai Kiara had 2,000 people on its pay roll. Hence to get back into full steam might take some time.

THE company should use this lag time to educate the Malaysian public and the political class that, the company is in a monopolistic position not by design.

BUT  rather because its rivals refuse to reinvest into the business,.choosing instead to rent equipments as well as human resources