Thursday 28 July 2022

Dial V for Vanquished or V For Victory. Axiata Group Bhd : Apa Guna BerJanji?

is a song from Tan Sri P Ramlee's 1965 black and white movie Masam Masam Manis. The song was ablely brought to life by Puan Sri Saloma.

ON May 26 2022,  AXIATA Celcom  told Malaysians READWe will meet the June 30 dateline.

THE dateline concerned was for the TELCO to join the Government mandated 5G roll out plan under Digital Nasional Bhd.

SINCE,  then I have been harresing Axiata Celcom on why they have not started to advertise  5G services as a measure of support to the Prime Minister ahead of the now extended September dateline. 

I also noted that Celcom is not listed on the JENDELA map VIEW : As one of the telcos that will soon be coming up with5G services under Digital Nasional Bhd.

As a result,  Celcom had put out this meaningless advertisement.  VIEW  : Celcom 5G - The wait is over

Apa guna berjanji
Kalau tak ditepati
Kelak meracun hati
Tuan sendiri
Mengigit jari

AXIATA CELCOM stop undermining our Prime Minister and Finance Minister. Get Your act together or the entire board should resign as a matter of principle