Monday 4 July 2022

Annuar Musa, Ngapa hang buat kita : Menangis Umpama Pengemis!!!

is  a song from up and coming artist Era SyaQira, who mostly does cover of songs made popular by others. This young lady has a strong following and sound future ahead in the arts.

ANNUAR Musa,  though,  where arts and concepts are concerned,  should quit even though he is nor a head by a mile and a half.

Apa yang amat kukesalkan
Kau seolah-olah sengaja mempamerkan dia
Padaku sebaknya
Sambil kau menjeling

ONLY a beautiful mind ,  could appreciate and understand the complexity  of  out national day logo.  READ: It's WiFi, it's 5g, nah, It's the coloursif Celcom, Maxis and DiGi. Wrong it's the funky national day logo

THANK you,  Annuar Musa,  though many don't understand indepthness of what you are trying to say,  we appreciate  that for a brief moment in time we have something to laugh about.   You are the best