Saturday 16 July 2022

PART 1 : Khairy Jamaluddin & MySejathera : Running In the Family

is the title track of the album of  the same name,  which helped a Jazz Funk group formed on the  Isle  of Wight in 1979, to achieve global fame in 1987,  for Level 42.

KHAIRY Jamaluddinwho previously was rebuked by UMNO for being involved in MONEY POLITICS,  and more recently being shamed as a recipient of Ultra Kirana's generosity and named as the minister responsible of the embarrassing state  of the national stadium,  will leave no stones unturned to find relevance for  MySejahtera 

WITH such a TOXIC background,  it comes as NO  SURPISE that the Twitter Universe has greeted Khairy Jamaluddin's latest attempt to find relevance  for MySejahtera is viewed for what it is.

Running from the past
From things that
We were born to be
Looking back
It's so bizarre
It runs in the family

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