Saturday 23 July 2022

Rais Hussin : Iri Bilang Bos!!!

is a single released in the final quarter of 2020 by Safira Inema, who has somehow managed to seamlessly  connect  dangdut music to that off techno

ASTRO AWANI collumist with a  PhD  ( not to be confused with  Permanent head Damage) Rais Hussin should use the weekend to self ask himself has he become a bitter man.

Iri bilang 
Iri bilang bos 
Aku mah los
Dari pada begini
Katakan saja apa maumu
Iri bilang bos 
Aku mah los

IF he is not a bitter men,. and considering AWANI,.just as Maxis are ultimately vehicles  of  billionaire Ananda krishnan, then we can safely assume that some rich gut has definitely got the WRONG GUY  TO take OUT Digital Nasional Bhd.

RAIS Hussin exposes himself  to the world on how very unknowledgesble he is about the telco business. READ :  RAIS Hussin's shocking claim on why Axiata, Digi and Maxis are paying their earnings in full as dividend

THE guy with a PhD ,  crushes his own credibility by stating : 

The corporates know that companies would do this only under circumstances where they see no prospects for industry growth and investment opportunities.
All of this is not because of, as some quarters claim, “uncertainty” associated with the 5G rollout but rather due to the certainty of the 5G rollout using unpopular in the whole world and problematic model for 5G rollout — Single Wholesale Network (SWN).

ONE does  need a time machine ,.to go back in time  or a head of time to uncover the truth that Rais Hussin is out of touch with reality.

A VERY basic search on Google will do  the trick to place Rais Hussin assessment in the false grave category. READ : THE YEAR IS 2016,. THERE IS NO 5G,. NO DIGITAL NASIONAL,. Yet MAXIS HAS BEEN BORROWING MONEY TO PAY DIVIDENDS