Sunday 3 July 2022

Di Puji Tak Terbang, Di Hina Tak Tumbang : Malaysia's Inai Kiara : Wildboys

was a big, big hit way back in 1984,  for Duran Duranpeaking at number two on  both sides of  the atlantic.  It is also the only studio recorded track included in  the group's  Arena album of 84.

THE OMEN is definitely  bad if even before you enter the ARENA,  you are told that you cannot use the normal route.

ONE  can  of course go  shopping  to  relieve stress,  and  one the big  shopping  places at that time was a  place called COWBOY.  There aren't any cowboys though.

Wild boys
Wild boys
Wild boys
Wild boys
Wild, wild, boys, 

THERE aren't any real cowboys in  Kuantan Port  either,  but there are some real wild boys.  How wild are they?  

LET'S put it this way ,  You get paid on time a task completed.  Payment is made on time. You are happy, and all of a sudden, your  paymaster says that is not what they wanted.

WHY make payment in the first place then?   As you can see they are that wild but this is  merely an appetizer  .

what I tell you ,  will leave you in  disbelieve but before that  NEXTThe 35 per  cent  money in the bagKill BILL,  (Bill, here  meaning Inai Kiara