Wednesday 8 March 2023

BURSA/SC old Boys Club @ Revenue Group Bhd: I'm gonna tear your playhouse down.

is a song 1984 hit for Paul Young written by Memphis-based songwriter Earl Randle, and first recorded in 1972 by soul singer Ann Peebles .

UNDER pressure Eddie Ng Chee Siong and his masters are now turning to an old friend of Devanesan Evanson, the CEO of the minority shareholders watchdog group, to ease the pressure they have been getting and the ones they are about to get soon. READ :Devanesan Evanson is a valued member of the Bursa Malaysia Old Boys Club.

Using the power ploy
All you do is pass around
Hearts you use as play toys
You've been playing madly
With every mind in town
So what you gonna do
When you look up one day
And see your playhouse tumbling down?
I'm gonna tear your playhouse down
Pretty soon

MEET Chandera Sekaran or known as DAWSON, a former manager at Bursa Malaysia, which Eddy Ng Chee Siong proposes to bring on board as director. Dawson's friend Azman Hisham Doi a former SC executive has also been roped in.

THE duo have been brought in to lend credibility to the Revenue Board, ahead of an announcement soon that formal investigations have commenced against at least two directors of Revenue Group for Insider trading 

OTHER than DAWSON , there some are  familiar names linked directly to Victor Chin, the tycoon from Bukit Bintang that is being linked to organised crime, READ : Malaysia's corporate mafia' claim, case referred to AGC last month. also are expected to be brought into the board by March 13.

AMONG them are Teh Chee Hoe, the chief technology officer at Green Packet, and  Krishnan Dorairaju, who is the Chairman of the Audit Committee at Caely Bhd . 

BOTH companies are linked to the tycoon, who many now say is a front for organised crime, namely  drug runners and pimps.