Friday 24 March 2023

Part 5 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from  Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

ANWAR Ibrahim is back in the lime light as the undisputed RAJA M.O.U of Malaysia, this time covering a distance of 6,461 km or by flight that is about 8 hours to defend his title 

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

WHAT is a M.O.U?   A M.O.U  is not legally binding agreement according to Investopedia.

AND how did Anwar Ibrahim manage to secure this worthless sheet of paper? Well among others he hard sold READ :Amazon Web Services (AWS) RM25.5 billion investment into Malaysia

NEVERMIND lah if the entire Amazon Web Service investment was actually engineered by Azmin Ali. READ :Azmin Ali: Amazon Web Services expected to make major investment in Malaysia to develop data centres.

AS long as this Amazon investment, can provide Anwar Ibrahim the license to make meaningless trips abroad to witness some Sdn Bhd companies signing M.O.U's.