Sunday 19 March 2023

Anwar Ibrahim on EPF : ALAMAK!!!

is a single from Sophia Liana, a key member of the all female hip hop trio known as De Fam. The single is a duet with Harith Zazman.

AFTER months of faking concern for the B40 men, over their EPF withdrawal demands, the Prime Minister has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Jika mahu temberang
harus pandai tak terkena jerat
mulut mula bersembang
kau hanya mampu melihat
 sepandai tupai melompat
harus bijak tuk’ mendarat

SO this was never about, the EPF members in the 41 to 54 age bracket not having enough money in their accounts. READ : Wee Ka Siong : purata caruman golongan berkenaan dalam KWSP sebanyak RM197,590.

BUT rather it is all about fears on a run on the EPF, similar to what is happening to the bank's in the USA.  READ :US Federal Lending to Banks This Week Eclipses 2008 Financial Crisis Peak.