Tuesday 14 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Victor Chin Boon Long : Walls Come Down

is taken, from. Meghan Patrick's second album, Country Music  Made Me Do it. The 2018, single is Patrick's first country number one hit..

IT never rains, it pours,. Victor Chin Boon Long is a man in deep trouble,. now that the respectable business men face he had been wearing for well over. two decades have been ripped off .READ : Investigation on Victor Chin Boon Long's activities was completed last month. The file has been passed on to the Public Prosecutor's Office for further action

MAFIA, corporate or other wise, still boil down to the same thing ; a group of people with sinister objectives, using threats and underhand tactics to make money in an unsavoury manner.

When the walls come down
Brick by brick, room by room
'Til there's nothing left but the truth
When the walls come down
Crumble in the dust
when you find out
Sometimes love just ain't enough
To keep the devil out

WHAT worries Victor Chin Boon Long is not about losing some money, or even failing to gain control of another listed company or two.

WHAT,  troubles him, deeply is the prospect possibility of spending  a good part of his future  behind bars locked in cell like an ape.  Greater men, have gone into thw cell, for what Victor Chin Boon Long. has been doing with impunity. READ : Anwar Ibrahim was jailed six years for abuse of power

ABUSE of power, perceived or other wise, is a very serious offense.  Victor Chin Boon Long is no Anwar Ibrahim, prison won't make him,.it is going to BREAK him.