Sunday 26 March 2023

Malaysia : Tell Me Why?

is the debut solo single from Annie Lennox, taken from her 1992 Diva album. The song was rated by fans ahead of Sweet Dreams as the best song recorded by Lennox.

HASSAN Abdul Karim, the Member of Parliament for Pasir Gudang is absolutely right when he says READ : Semua pihak, termasuk pembangkang patut membela perdana menteri jika benar dia dimalukan keluarga diraja Saudi dalam lawatannya.

CORRECT because an INSULT on the Prime Minister is an INSULT on MALAYSIA.  But before, we go harresing the Saudi's, let's put our own house in order.

LONG before, the Saudi's did or did not insult Malaysia, in our home soil, our Prime Minister as well as our nation was insulted. READ : How the stock market syndicate led by KV made Anwar Ibrahim look like a Budak Bodoh

 Tell me
Tell me

TELL me WHY,  Perikatan Nasional Bhd have never chided the Prime Minister on Computer Forms Malaysia Bhd? READ : Computer Forms Malaysia Bhd' Second Highest Ranking Official spotted at Perikatan Nasional fund raiser

I will tell you WHY Malaysia, because the entire set up are filled with funders of Perikatan National. 

TELL me WHY Malaysia, the FISH HEADS @ Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission have not clamped down on Victor Chin Boon Long,  who got juicy contracts when Perikatan Nasional was in Government and had used his connections to intimidate and threaten cash rich company owners to surrender their companies on the cheap.

I will tell you WHY, Malaysia. It is because the top people at Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission are filled with people appointed when Perikatan Nasional was in power.

TELL me WHY, Malaysia, a book printing company with a mere RM100 investment, could end up with a market capitalisation of RM800 million only to see it's share price sink to 26.5 sen today, and suddenly have RM80 million in receivables, enough to wipe out any cash the company raised via placements? VIEW :  Computer Forms, a book printing company's Receivables jump to RM80 million from less than RM200,000 before

TELL me WHY, Malaysia Revenue Group Bhd, twice voted by Forbes as one of the best managed companies in Malaysia, is suddenly facing a similar cash wipe out, the moment Victor Chin Boon Long's name started to be linked to the Revenue Group.

I will tell you WHY, Malaysia. IT is because the extended Mafia family which includes the likes of KV and Victor Chin Boon Long,  having humiliated our Prime Minister, thinks that with their MONEY, READ : Malaysia Boleh, and the market regulators have done nothing to put them behind BARS