Friday 31 March 2023

Part 2 : Anwar Ibrahim : Where are you NOW?

is a song from Calum Scott, who came to prominence after he finished sixth on Britain's Got Talent in 2015 and the Belgium DJ Los Frequencies.

WHERE are you NOW, Anwar Ibrahim? Tapi sebelum Tu, Tuan2 & Puan2  aiyoh Kita ucapkan taniah kpd sosok tersohor yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim kerana berjaya  mempertahankan kejuaraannya sebagai Raja M.O.U Tanah Melayu 

Where did we go wrong?
Too late to turn around
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

ANWAR Ibrahim, recently travelled 8000 km to Saudi Arabia, this time has chosen a shorter route, ie 5632 kilometers, and travel time by car is about 65 hours 53 minutes (but he travelled by plane lah)  to Beijing, China.

JACKPOT for Malaysia, as Anwar Ibrahim will witness 19 M.O.U's and he himself will sign 3 M.O.U. So the total will be READ : 22 M.O.U.

WHAT is a M.O.U? A M.O.U is not legally binding agreement according to Investopedia.