Sunday 26 March 2023

Part 7 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from  Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

OKAY lah, Anwar Ibrahim, kira u menang lah, Malaysians will all say in between laughters but without missing a heartbeat that your trip to Saudi Arabia was an absolute  success. READ : Anwar Ibrahim witnessed the signing of several important memoranda of understanding involving businesses and industries, says his political secretary

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

YOU mean to tell me that there are important and un important M.O.U's? What is a M.O.U? A M.O.U is not legally binding agreement according to Investopedia.

NEVERMIND, lah that Anwar Ibrahim did not get to meet the Finance Minister of Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia or even the King of Saudi Arabia, atleast in return we have gained so much more from this episode.

AS adults, we can laugh about it, children merely can afford to throw stones, while our dogs cant 🤣 stop barking when they hear the name A I...