Saturday 25 March 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long : Bad Moon Rising!!!

is a song from the John Fogerty powered Credence Clearwater revival, from some 50 years ago. The song is a timeless classic.

EXPLOSIVE  exposure by the whistle blowing site on two high up officers who had sworn to protect the law in bed  with Victor Chin Boon Long.

THE duo not only managed that feet, but in the process have skillfully set up Azam Baki, as the scape goat, the site have claimed. READ : Dalang Mafia Korporat dalam SPRM, Tan Kang Sai & Wong didedah.

TO Victor Chin Boon Long :

Looks like we're in for nasty weatherOne eye is taken for an eye
Well don't go around tonightThere's a bad moon on the rise

AS for Azam Baki,  he shouldn't feel too bad having his good name tarnished, as bigger names have been falsely blackend by the extended corporate Mafia family. READ: How the stock market syndicate led by KV made Anwar Ibrahim look like a Budak Bodoh