Monday 27 March 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long : Shake Down, Break Down

is Bob Segar's sole number one hit despite being in the music industry since 1961, and having sold some 75 million records world wide.

RED is the colour of the day for Victor Chin Boon Long controlled stocks, as the market bets on a break down of his market making operations sonner rather than latter. READ : Dalang Mafia Korporat dalam SPRM, Tan Kang Sai & Wong didedah

Comin' after you
Shakedown, breakdown, takedown
Everybody wants into the crowded light
Breakdown, takedown, your busted
Let down, your guard, honey
Just about the time you think that it's alright
Breakdown, takedown, your busted

CLASSITA Holdings Bhd, is down 6.45 per cent, while Green Packet Bhd's losses are more severe at 12.5 per cent . 

ELSEWHERE, Revenue Group Bhd shares have given up all its gains to trade  0.05 sen lower at 27 sen, as investors bet the A.I, which predicted Revenue shares will be worthless come 2024, states that the shares will deep below 20 sen in less than TEN TRADING DAYS. VIEW : Revenue Group Shares To Dip below 20 sen a share