Thursday 2 March 2023

Eddie Ng Chee Siong @ Revenue Group : Keep your eye on the sparrow

is the theme song  from Baretta, the investigative TV series that had a massive following in Malaysia in the late 1970's. Vocals were provided by Sammy Davis Jr.

MACC has every right to investigate Revenue Group Bhd, but the question one should be asking is why are they doing so, when no known report was made to the anti corruption agency.  

Don't go to bed, with no price on your head - No, no, don't do it.Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time - Yeah, don't do it.And keep your eye on the sparrow.When the going gets narrow.
Don't do it, don't do it.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong is already in big trouble, placing Bursa Malaysia in a spot if his actions are deemed to be insider trading or not. READ : Insider trading at Revenue Group

I know The Star has been trying to follow up on the story, but Bursa Malaysia and the SC has been very silent. I wonder why?

WHISTLE blower or not , we are now faced with a very awkward situation. The allegations against Brian and Dino Ng, is there are some dubious  transactions worth RM400,000, which no special auditor have yet come forward to confirm such an allegation.

BUT in the two brothers absence from the board, Revenue group under Eddie Ng Chee Siong, has been losing on the average RM127,000 daily, everyday for the past 180 days. 

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