Tuesday 7 March 2023

INSIDER'S @ Revenue Group Bhd : No Smoke Without A Fire

is a US top 5 single by the  English  hard rock super group,  Bad Company, taken from their 1989, Dangerous Age album, that helped the them return to the lime light.

MEET Devanesan Evanson, the CEO of the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group, whoes board members are made up of Fund Managers, Accountants, Bankers and lawyers.

IN theory, MSWG is there to protect the interest of the small man, but in practice it is the lap dog of institutional investors who funds the activities of the group.

DEVAESAN  Evanson, spend 18 years at Bursa Malaysia in host of leadership roles such as its Chief Regulatory Officer, Chief Market Operations Officer, and upon retiring was given a golden handshake to be the CEO of MSWG.

I won't play your gamesLet's talk about it
There's no smoke without a fire, 
And there's no heat
Without a flame

IN essence, Devanesan Evanson is a valued member of the Bursa Malaysia Old Boys Club, and a reliable team player within corridors of Bursa Malaysia.

SOMETIME in January 2023, Devanesan Evanson wrote on the MSWG website READ : Insider trading is a serious offence. Unpunished insider trading leaves a black mark on a stock market.

YET, Devanesan Evanson has now gone cold when no longer faced with a text book theory.  He and the MSWG, organisation as a whole, does nothing to disprove that they are not the lap dogs of their hidden master.

DEVAESAN Evanson has gone completely silent on READ  : Insider trading at Revenue Group. 

TO recap ; Eddie Ng Chee Siong, the managing director
cum chairman of Revenue Group Bhd sold via  the off market 14.82 million shares at a discount,  just ONE day before the company was going to announce, the biggest financial LOSS in it's history.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong wasn't the only director bailing out of Revenue Group, that has seen the company's cash  dwindling by an average of RM127,000 a day, every single day for the past 180 days.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong's private business partner LAI WEI KIAT sold two million of the 2.1 million Revenue Group shares, he owned in the open market for 49.7 Sen, also days before the company announced its results.  Lai has since quit the company.

SO why has, Devanesan Evanson who was so quick to paint a picture of guilt on the founders of Caely Bhd, when they were raided by the same group that now wants to take over Revenue Group, using the same underhand  tactics they used in CAELY, now gone on silent mode?

NOT only Devanesan Evanson, but a host of ....

To Be  CONTINUED NEXT on Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : The corporatesecret.com : Untuk Apa Main Saham Mending Main Babi Ngepet