Monday 27 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Caveat emptor : Automatic

is a song unlike any and a US Top 5 hit for the Pointer Sisters back in the mid 1980's, when MTV used to be the king of music.

WHAT is Caveat emptor?  Well it is a Latin word that means "let the buyer beware."  

SO should you be worried if you are using Revenue Group Bhd's payment gateway ? I don't know, so I will merely put forward the case and let the user beware.

CONSIDER the following. Revenue Group Bhd's new substantial shareholder and executive director Francis Leong Seng Wui, has been accused via police reports not by one party but atleast two different UNrelated parties of using illegal and thug tactics to intimidate owners of companies which large cash reserves.

Look what you're doing to me
I'm utterly at your whim
All of my defenses down
Your camera looks through me
With its X-ray vision
And all systems run aground

SUCH a guy will now have access to your data. If you are okay with it, who am I to say otherwise except good luck to you.

OH and I forgot to mention, that there is a strong possibility that the people who are in charge of Revenue Group now, have no idea how to safely operate the payment gateway which was created by Dino Ng Shih Fang and his team.

AND to add some spice to an already murky situation inside Revenue Group Bhd, there is this small little matter of about RM30 million missing from Tee Yam's company, after Francis Leong Seng Wui and his friends did a hostile takeover.

NOW, i can't write much about an on going police case but I can tell you a little about Tee Yam or  Pai Kah Lek, who is a reformed gangster. 

UNLESS you have balls of steel or you have become a bigger gangster and scammer, than Pai Kah Lek was in his heydays, the chances of you staying a life to tell the tale of how you stole from him is near to ZERO.

SO what is Bank Negara and the Securities Commission doing ? Publicly, we have no idea, so let the USER BEWARE...