Friday 31 March 2023

Fahmi Fadzil : Kau Bodoh Ke?

is one of my all time favorite Malay hip hop song from the severely under rated Durhaqa and Kuyuki.  Don't expect to hear them on  the airwaves though, but if they are the future of underground hip hop here, then it is world class indeed.

ACTUALLY, I really feel guilty asking this question to Fahmi Fadzli,  Kau Bodoh Ke?, following his out burst against Berita Harian's report that interest rates will rise in July.

Hmm, kau dengan bodoh
memang tak ada beza
kira latitude, longlitude
belum tentu boleh jumpa
kau punya attitude.

AND why do I feel guilty?  Because I knew much earlier than the rest of Malaysia, that the guy is a moron. READ: Parti Keadilan Rakyat Has Another Genius Boy : I'm with Stupid.