Sunday 12 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Got My Mind Set On You

was a song originally recorded in 1962, by James Ray, but it was given a new feel to it by George Harrison in 1987, who powered the song all the way to number one in the USA.

IS money from China based drug lords and online scam groups formerly based in Low Yat Plaza, being cleaned by the parties interested in taking over Revenue Group Bhd, is something for the authorities to check and verify.

THE idea though is not that far fetched, as early as last year the media was a buzz that the 14k, triad had been funding Muhyiddin Yassin's Perikatan National.  READ : Tan Choon Hwa : Denies Links To Notorious 14K Triad boss.

IN 2020, READ : Notorious, Broken Tooth Koi, Tan Choon Hwa and Lee Han Keat emerge in Inix Tech Bhd, ,although the relation, between the Perikatan National stock market funders, led by Kenneth Vun Yum Liun, and  Chin Boon Long was established much more earlier, perhaps some time in 2005.

MEET Chinese National, Zhang Jian the self proclaimed READ : future richest man in the world, who ran the marketing aspects of the 14k triad boss, Wan Kuok Koi, dragon coin crypto, which netted some RM 3 billion for the convicted gangster.

SUBSEQUENTLY, in 2014, Zhang Jian settled down in Malaysia in a high-profile manner, buying advertising space on giant billboards introducing himself as the future richest man in the world, and making donations to schools and charitable organisations.

ZHANG Jian, had plans to list his outfit on Bursa Malaysia, although it did not pan out, as the heat was on him, after having defrauded Malaysian investors, some RM300 million.

BY 2017, Zhang Jian was arrested in Indonesia and send back to China. The base he set up in Malaysia, apparently is largely intact.

It's gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
It's gonna take patience and time, mmm
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it
To do it right, child
I got my mind set on you

IT does not end there, however as there are others too that make up part of the Zhang Jian, gravy train.

AND no, the story does not end here too, as there are ties that bind the Kenneth Vun group , with that of Chin Boon Leong, as there are numerous instance of cross ownership in the companies both the Perikatan National friendly parties control.

THE KV group is to be behind Computer Forms Bhd's  highly unbelievable Electronic Vehicle story line that even fooled the Prime Minister. READ : Elon Musk of Thailand’, Anwar give EV lift to Computer Forms

COMPUTER Forms fairytale story however, looks like it is reaching an end, as the stock has basically crashed. READ : Bursa Securities queries Computer Forms after 30% plunge in share price.

ANWAR Ibrahim, however, should not feel to bad, about being taken for a ride, as both inter related group's are said to be very brave, due to the huge cash pile they are sitting on.

LAST year, the Chin Boon Leong group, attempted to drag in then Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri into its story line, in a move to take over CAELY Bhd.