Sunday 26 March 2023

Securities Commission & Bursa Malaysia : Tell Me Why

is the debut solo single from Annie Lennox, taken from her 1992 Diva album. The song was rated by fans ahead of Sweet Dreams as the best song recorded by Lennox.

THERE are NO sweet dreams here, when the men in blue get all the blame, while those who are tasked to requlate and monitor the financial markets, often get away scot free.

 Tell me
Tell me

YES, tell me WHY, Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission, that you  DID NOT SMELL SOMETHING FISHY, that Computer Forms Bhd, market capitalisation reached almost RM800 million, largely based on an INVESTMENT OF JUST RM100.

TELL me WHY, that neither Bursa Malaysia, nor the Securities Commission didn't feel that they were in the midst of the scam of the year, considering the ridiculous claims made by the owner of Computer Forms Bhd, just months earlier? 

TELL me WHY, Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission did nothing to stop minority shareholders of Fitters Bhd being ripped off by investing in Computer Forms THIS MONTH.

TELL me WHY ,  Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission that I repeatedly stated READ : The stock market syndicate led by KV made Anwar Ibrahim look like a Budak Bodoh ????

THE reason is because, Bursa Malaysia and The Securities Commission have allowed them to use and abuse THE PRIME MINISTER'S NAME.  CASE in point just this month,  Fitters Bhd USED the PRIME MINISTERS NAME TO JUSTIFY ITS OUTRAGEOUS INVESTMENT IN COMPUTER FORMS.

TELL me WHY,  Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission, that our Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim did not want anything to do with the Elon Musk of Thailand in his recent trip to Thailand ? 

TELL me WHY, Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission that the Computer Forms shares have fallen from RM2.80 to 27.5 sen as at Friday and nobody has been charged for market manipulation?  

OH, you don't know is it, Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission, just like every time you investigate Kenneth Vun and the likes of him, you always fail to connect the dots.

IF Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission won't tell us WHY, then Malaysia shall tell them WHY. Because the FISH rots from the HEAD ...