Wednesday 8 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : The : Untuk Apa Main Saham Mending Main Babi Ngepet

is the smash Tik Tok hit for Willy Winarko, that still trends on the social media app to-date. The rap hit has very little to offer lyric wise, some say., which is operated by a trio (actually two hyper active duo), the secretive site that has been active since January this year has hit the ball rolling.

Untuk apa main saham mending main babi ngepet
Main babi ngepet, main babi ngepet
Daripada Bitcoin mending invest babi ngepet
Invest babi ngepet, invest babi ngepet

I am afraid, has been too obsessed with the CORPORATE mafia,  that the site has failed to probe a bit deeper, where there would have found hidden behind all those proxies are the real mobsters, who control the racketeering, prostitution and the  drug business. READ : Tan Sri, Datuk drug lords hiding behind legitimate businesses, says Bukit Aman.

WHO this people are, are an open banter in corporate Malaysia. Take for instance, the battle for CAELY, which is actually a fight between two very real mob group's over a listed company.  

ONE was just trying to protect an old friend , while the other had more sinister intentions. 

ONE blog, which seems to be ahead of the rest, when it comes to the real underworld's involvement in the corporate world is Another Brick In The Wall. Rightfully, he has called for the READ : POCA act to be slapped on Victor Chin.

BUT, beyond that, the blog had previously linked the Macau Triad, notorious market manipulator Kenneth Vun to Muhyiddin Yassin's BERSATU, which should gives us a clue on why the mobsters who are trying to sieze Revenue Group are doing it in a manner like the own Bursa Malaysia. 

ONE name not mentioned by the blog, who also was in the main table with Muhyiddin Yassin is the corporate figure and friend of Kenneth Vun, Pang Chow Huat, who owns Computer Forms Bhd. 

SO how big are the mobsters and their likes who are trying to hijack Revenue Group ?  Just Google the name below and read what the ex policemen had to comment in the article . READ : Meet Mr Ooi Chieng Sim

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