Wednesday 15 March 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long dan : Tikus tikus Kantor

is a song from the Malay archipelago's version of Bob Dylan, the razor sharp wordsmith and protest  singer Iwan Fals.

ONE year, after claiming that is part of the company's  future, Victor Chin's  Green Packet Bhd is selling off it it's banking business for an indecent profit of RM13.79 million. READ :Green Packet to sell Labuan Investment Bank to Tan Wei Sun, controlled company.

WHY is this profit indecent?  Well considering it  was JUST a year ago, Green Packet  got the bank license plus  recent revelations about Victor Chin Boon Long's intimidation tactics which boils down to racketeering, there are serious concerns, that the sale to WKJ Capital Equity Sdn Bhd IS NOT IN THE best interest of MALAYSIA 

MEET  Tan Wei Sun,. who owns 35 per cent of WKJ Capital Equity Sdn Bhd, which wants to buy the bank from Green Packet.  

TAN Wei Sun is also the co founder of Gulf Petroleum Investment International Ltd, which is based in Shanghai, China.  

GULF Petroleum Investment International Ltd is also the main vehicle of Chee Kok Wing, a known fixer for the dark forces inside the Securities Commission. READ :Kris Azman [Director of the Securities Commission] called me and asked me for money

Cerdik, licik, tikus bertingkah tengik
Mungkin karena sang kucing pura-pura mendelik
Tikus tahu sang kucing laparKasih roti jalan pun lancarMemang sial sang tikus teramat pintarAtau mungkin si kucing yang kurang ditatar
Tikus-tikus tak kenal kenyangRakus, rakus, bukan kepalangOtak tikus memang bukan otak udang

IT will become very difficult for the requlatory and enforcement bodies to fein ignorance, because the links between the Kuala Lumpur based WKJ Capital and the Shanghai based Gulf Petroleum Investment Limited does not end  at TAN WEI SUN.

MEET, Lee Sa Teng, executive director at the KL based WKJ Capital and advisor to the executive chairman (Chee Kok Wing)  Shanghai based, Gulf Petroleum Investment Limited .

REFERENCE : The WKJ website

OR better still, meet Zihao Kimmey Wang, Julio Lee,Tay Su Tjie who happens to be chief operating officer , chief brand officer and head of sales of Kuala Lumpur based WKJ Capital and the Shanghai based Gulf Petroleum Investment Limited , an incredible feat if both parties have no direct shareholding links beyond what is officially revealed.

THIS striking links, don't end here however. Then there is the question on WKJ's executive director Ariel Huang who is also the , president of World Harmony Foundation Middle East and Africa Chapter, which is heavily backed by Chee Kok Wing.