Friday 3 March 2023

Anwar Ibrahim's 100 Days : Automatic!!!

was a top five hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1984, for the Pointer Sisters. The single also won a Grammy for the Pointer Sisters for Best Vocal Arrangement.

BERNAMA goes out full swing in support of Anwar Ibrahim, polishing, the premier's first 100 days in power. READ : M’sians laud Anwar’s efforts to aid needy, spur unity in first 100 days.

Walking blindfolded
Completely automatic
All of my systems are down
Down, down, down
No way to control it
It's totally automatic

MALAYSIA for the past 100 odd days has been cruising on automatic mode, as  the Anwar Ibrahim Government, does not seem to have an action plan for all fronts. 

IT seems the plan so far, has been to tell the people that we are working on a plan and then hope that some of the ad hoc policies such as Menu Rahmah has traction with the layman

MENU Rahmah  under the Amanah minister Salahuddin Ayub has been doing well, but with Rafizi Ramli now trying to hijack it with his READ : RM2 Nasi Lemak Via Vending Machines, things are about to go downhill.

WHAT'S the big deal with RM2 Nasi Lemak, as  Nasi Lemak bungkus in KL, even before Anwar came into office, has been selling for RM1.50.

RAFIZI Ramli is an elite, with little exposure the common man, which fits the shoe size of the new Madini Government.

NICE to talk about civil society when Malaysian consumers are burdened with a YOKE  pierced on their back and on their necks ;   prices of goods that are inflated in a very UNCIVILISED manner.

ANWAR Ibrahim, should have finished off, what Ismail Sabri started.  READ :Ismail Sabri' Kills Of AP's for food import., by expanding, the AP creation for  automobile, telephones, clothes, shoes and so on.

WHY didn't he? How much more buying power the consumer will have if their cars don't cost a bomb? As it is, Proton and Perodua buyers pay more tax than Electric Vehicle owners, just to get on the road.

EVEN, the egg trade in Malaysia is haunted by AP, a stinging reminder that the so called reformist Prime Minister of Malaysia is just another, a chip of the old block.