Wednesday 29 March 2023

EX CAELY (Classita Holding) bhd director sends Anwar Ibrahim, an urgent (UPDATED) : S.O.S

is a song from the 1970's Swedish Group super group ABBA. The single is the fifth track from ABBA's self titled album which was released in 1975.

YOUNG Azri Azeerai, who has the distinction of being appointed at the age of 23 into the  board of Malaysia's two most controversial companies of 2022,  may soon see his listed flagship delisted from Bursa Malaysia.

AZRI Azeerai, who made brief cameo roles in the board of Caley Holdings Bhd and Serba Dinamik last year, is now facing the prospect of seeing Bintai Kinden being delisted from the stock exchange if a rescue package is not put in place.   READ : Bintai Kinden in chaos after bankers pull out.

AZRI Azeerai, was well on his way of making himself the toast of Kuala Lumpur  after taking over  READ : KL City FC in February, but now he is sending out a S.O.S signal for help from the Prime Minister himself. VIEW :Bintai Kinden is appealing to the Prime Minister.

Nothing else can save me, S.O.S.
When you're gone
How can I even try to go on?
When you're gone, though I try, how can I carry on?

WHAT makes all of this interesting and ammusing is Azri's father is a strongmen of Tun Mahathir. His father based in London, largely due to financial reasons back home, became infamous for READ : Kapal laut terbang dinamakan sebagai Jebat M727 keluaran syarikat Aron Rinani.

AND why is all this interesting? Well it is because, from out of the blue READ : Melaka may form unity government, says Zahid

AND now Zahid Hamidi has confirmed that the Melaka Chief Minister has READ : RESIGNED