Saturday 25 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Big Brother is Watching You

is a song from Sheldon Allman, a Canadian-American actor, singer, and songwriter. In 1960, Allman released Folk Songs for the 21st Century, an album of novelty songs all revolving around science-fiction themes.

MALAYSIA under Anwar Ibrahim, must make a telling decision if it wants to do business with Victor Chin Boon Long, who currently is at the mercy of the public prosecutor's office. READ : Probe on 'Malaysia's corporate mafia secrets' started last year – police.

AND, even if Anwar Ibrahim's Malaysia still want to do business with Victor Chin Boon Long,  where will the likes of Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah, whore their principles considering, Victor Chin's partner is Lim Kok Han or better known as TELENG. READ : Business Ties Among MACC Leadership: How Deep Does It Go?

THE jewel in the crown business which GreenPacket potentially has is READ : Green Packet, FETCi to run prototype tolling system on Malaysian highways.

ASSUMING, Anwar Ibrahim is not bothered that possible criminals might gain access to our highways, he should bother that CHINA is watching.

And when you watch that TV screen
Remember it works both ways
You'll disappear in a wink
Unless you can double think
You'll vanish into the blue
Big brother is watching you

WHY would China even be bothered, about some corporate geeks using money to be gangsters,one may ask? Well actually, they aren't, but they will be mighty pissed that the Green Packet's partner in this venture is from TAIWAN.

AND why will China be mighty pissed and not just pissed? Well because, the Government under Anwar Ibrahim is proposing to dismantle the current concession which includes a China based company to accommodate a Taiwanese company. READ : PM kata akan kaji monopoli Touch ‘n Go, habislah CIMB Group & ANT Group dari China

HOW stupid can one get????