Wednesday 15 March 2023

Amy Search Lawan Anwar Ibrahim : Sebatang Tongkat Untuk Berdiri

is a track from Malaysia's premier rock band Search' 1987,  Mentari Merah DiUfuk Timur album, one of the definitive Malay rock album of all time.

IT has boiled down to a rock star rubbishing the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's plan  for Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings to be used as collateral for personal loans. READ : Rocker Amy pans proposal on EPF savings as collateral for bank loans.

FANS of Anwar Ibrahim, or better still Anwar Ibrahim himself should ask himself, if the Anwar Ibrahim of 1998, who started the Reformasi Movement, would agree with what the Anwar Ibrahim of 2023 is proposing.

WAS the Reformasi Movement started so that the helpless, could use their own EPF savings,.as a bank collateral, which has interest ballooning elements that can wipe out a good part of the EPF savings in the event of non payments to the bank's? READ : Was the Reformasi movement a mere engine for regime change?

Di tengah kejayaan
Kau lupa dirimu dihasut bayangan
Dari emosi hatimu
Tongkat kau lontarkan
Baktinya kau lupakan
Dan secawan susu
Yang pernah menyambung hayatmu
Merenung bintang di langit tinggi
Jangan terlupa
Manakah tempat kau berdiri
Selama ini.

ANWAR Ibrahim has lost touch with the masses, especially the Malay street crowd at group zero, and this will tellingly show, when the six states hold the state elections in June.

IT is not a question about the PH and Barisan Nasional combo holding on to Selangor and Negeri Sembilan,  rather it will be the combo's inabiliy to win the popular Malay vote, that will haunt this government in the days that have yet to come

WHAT  Anwar Ibrahim says no longer rasonates with the ground zero Malay crowd, and this have frustrated them because among all the national level politicians over the past three decades, it was  Anwar Ibrahim that was supposed to be their voice .

THAT voice somehow got lost along the way. Tellingly, it was Anwar Ibrahim's loyal friend, the Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution who confirmed it. READ : Numbers Don't Lie : The confession of Saifuddin Nasution.

IF, the Prime Minister is unable to find himself, the man that he was in 1998, the voice that could bring Kuala Lumpur to a stand still by the sheer overwhelming number of the masses, who heard the voice and believed in it, then this Unity Government's days are NUMBERED INDEED.