Tuesday 28 March 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : I Got Money

is a single from LeiKeli47, who is perhaps the most talented female rapper of this generation. Yes, much more talented then the likes of Cardi B.

BEFORE, you start cursing "who the hell is the guy above", well he is the hero of the 1980's TV series Wise Guy (KV, and Victor, please pay close attention), who inflitrated the mob, and even became one of the bosses.

WISEGUY's normally will provide clues of their existence when the takedown is about to take place.

Home of the cutthroats
Notorious, y'all know how the rest go
Sleeping, one eye open
Too smart 'cause I'm always scopin'
Watching, seeing how these lanes look
Lazy, that's how you get ya fame took
Money, I got money
Money, I got money

WHO got the money?  The non company dealers at Hwang DBS, RHB, Kenanga and CIMB to shake and spin the Revenue Group Bhd shares volume  to above 100 million on Monday .

BURSA Malaysia and Securities Commission no need to rush now and go see if Victor Chin Boon Long or Kenneth Vun did any trades on Revenue shares on Monday.

LET me throw you a bone instead.Go through a fine comb on the non company dealers who have achieved  a minimum RM500 million trade per  year in their books, and then notice how many of their clients decided to do bulk buying of Revenue Group Bhd, and Computer Forms Malaysia Bhd' shares at the same time.

GET a hold of the buyers of the shares, and demand they show proof that they had instructed the non company dealers to do those trades. 

YOU will notice that the proof for the majority of them , won't be forthcoming. It is at this point, SC and Bursa Malaysia,. You should call the police, because you may have just stumbled on a Money Laundering Syndicate .

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