Thursday 2 March 2023

Eddie Ng Chee Siong : Running in the family

is the seventh studio album by Level 42 which churned 4 UK top ten hits. The album was released in 1987, and was the final Level 42 album of that decade.

THE heat is on, and the heat is on fire, raining on Eddie Ng Chee Siong, the chairman of Revenue Group, as details are now emerging that Eddie Ng Chee Siong and his friends have appointed their family members as 9 to 5 staff as well as to do business with the company.

We ran though we knew it couldn't last
Running from the past
From things that we were born to be
Looking back it's so bizarre
It runs in the family
All the things we are

COMING soon :  Eddie Ng Chee Siong: What you gonna do when they come for you