Wednesday 8 June 2022

5G Ready : Banyak Bunyi!

is the chart topping Malay  single by EDM duo,  DJ Mono & Dj AwadBoonyi was formed in 2011,  but after the success of its single,  the group has not been active.

ACTIVE is what we need  because being almost active is just another word for USELESS.

WHAT the heck is 5G READY?  Can  the likes of Maxis,  DiGi and U Mobile  claim to be 5G Ready,  happily selling 5G  phones, but are absent in Digital Nasional Bhd's road map?

Jangan nak banyak bunyi
Bila cakap bohong
Banyak omong kosong
Duduk bawah tempurung
Dia banyak bunyi
Perjalanan pun terpesong
Tak perlu diusung
Tak perlu disanjung
Bunyi kau bunyi tong.

5G Ready is absolutely empty vessel, just like the CIMB Research report yesterday.  READ : June deadline may be extended.

CIMB which in 2016,  was caught up in  READ :  CIMB Roasted By The STAR, for It's coverage on Unleashing The Giant in Vivocom  ,might be on same track this year.

THE report on the June dateline states :

1. THERE is also talk in the industry that the percentages in the DNB stake sale offered to telcos may not be substantial enough to equity account.

2 A typical merger and acquisition deal probably takes at least a couple of months to do, as it involves an agreed term sheet, the need to undertake due diligence, finalisation of agreements and thereafter the completion of the deal.

HELLO , analyst,  we Malaysians do not live on trees,  therefore we know what you obviously  don't know or pretend not to know the reality on the ground.

IF cannot equity account,  then directors can make a call under normal course of business instead of  stupidly assuming a less than 5 per cent stake is a merger and acquisition  deal.