Saturday 4 June 2022

Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasheed : When I was your man

Was 2013' eight best selling digital single with 8.3 million copies sold.  The single, from Bruno Mars second album Unorthodox  Jukebox has been certified with platinum level sales a record 11 times.

ON hindsight , Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasheed now confesses that he knew all along that Sapura was in a mess.

UNLIKE you an me, Jalil Abdul Rasheed  had the power to do something about it, but now he can only sing : VIEW :  Sapura Energy, When I Was Your Man

When I hear your name
It all just sounds like 
Too young, too dumb to realize
That I should have bought you flowers
And held your hand
Should have gave you all my hours
When I had the chance
Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance

AND why is that so? Well because  when he had the clout,.power and authority, he choose to keep his wisdom in silent mode, and then walk away  instead of fighting for the Flag, King and Country.

PS : Abdul Jalil Abdul Rasheed is a former  President and Group Chief Executive of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), as well as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Sapura Energy.