Wednesday 1 June 2022

Mysejahtera,. Part 1 : How It ENDS!

Is a track from alternative rocks biggest, act of all time with record sales in execess of 100 million copies.  It's the Red Hot Chili Peppers, while the song is from the 2011 I'm, with you album which debuted at number one in 18 countries.

God saves us all and tell us how it ends
Stole a lot from Peter
Cause had to pay your Paul
And when you find that's not enough
He'll break your fall

IT is a familiar story of rent seekers with painted optimism, that they can make our lives  much better, only to fall short when the first waves of challenges arive. READ : Brahmin Holdings,. Formerly Known As Tamadam Bonded Warehouse will be DELISTED from Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on June 3 2022

COME  tomorrow THIS IS HOW IT ENDS, for yet another company lifted above its weight class in corporate Malaysia, when Khairy Jamaluddin led a powerful informal group READ :Malaysia's Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz,. the then Wanita UMNO Chief Get's A Lashing From the Mother of the Fourth Floor Boy

SOMETIME ago, Khairy Jamaluddin got literally bashed for equating READ :MORAL Failure as a mistake.  

In my opinion, moral failure has a lot to with integrity and honesty.  it is for this reasons, I am convinced although I am not privy to MYSJ' Sdn Bhd's immediate future, I suspect the ending will be a sad one just like Brahim.

BRAND Malaysia,  Tanah Tumpah Darahku, has been robbed left, right and centre by Brand Khairy Jamaluddin.

Look no further than the recent World Health Organisation  appointments.  

Compare the following head lines, and you will understand fully what I mean. VIEW : 

2. The year is 2022,  Malaysia Kini reports :KJ appointed as one of five World Health Assembly vice-presidents.

THE appointment is to HONOUR,  my country MALAYSIA and her PEOPLE  and not to honour a single individual.  Anyone who doesn't  understand that has a serious integrity issue.