Sunday 12 June 2022

MCMC, jangan pulak termakan : Hasutan Syaitan!!!

is a  2004 song from, taken from the album Bangun,  from  Malaysia's top underground band, A.C.A.B , which is a skinhead group,  a rarity on the music scene here.

BANGUN , we must  as the funky duo helming,  the  funkyly named ministry called K-KOMM, may have finally  received a MCMC chairman they deserve. READ : Annuar Musa Appoints A Former AirSteward as MCMC Interim Chairman

BUT has Malaysians received the  MCMC chairman it deserves? WATCH : Lessons I Learned As A Cabin Crew.

THERE was no  need for an interim man,  which goes to show you,  how happy the funky people might be to see he back of a competent men,  who had placed the people first.

MCMC,  jangan termakan HASUTAN SYAITAN :

Pasti tidak dapat lari
Gilakan kekayaan
Hingga lupa daratan
Hampiri kegelapan
Kan hangus terbakar kerna berteman
Hasutan syaitan

KALAU termakan,  then there could be yet another attempt to undermine Prime Minister Ismail Sabri's plan to develop rural Malaysia in an equal manner as urban Malaysia ,  of which Digital Nasional Bhd is the poster child.