Sunday 12 June 2022

Mysejahtera, How It ENDS! : Pengkhianat Lahanat!!

is a song from  Freedom  That's Gone,  commonly known as FTG,  the first Malaysian artist to commercialy record and release a trash metal album.  The song in question is from  the group's  2019 Kau Jangan Kurang Ajar album, which went platinum  despite the group not being active tor 15 years.

KAU jangan Kurang Ajar, might work in  real  life,  but out there on Twitter and Tik Tok the effects are less successful as young Malaysians  realise that they have become the Penerima Harapan Palsu.  READA Tweet to Khairy Jamaluddin, terang terang Kau sudah songklap.

YOUNG Malaysians were angry,  shocked and sad at the condition of  Stadium Bukit, Jalil,  the 8th largest stadium in the world . VIEW : The National IGNOMINY

Mana janji untuk bangsa,
Itu semua kencing merata,
Janji manis di mulut saja.
Pejuang bangsa,
Pejuang agama
Bapak penipu!
Bapak pembohong!
Bangsat! Lahanat,
Kau Pengkhianat! 

ONE  cannot but help ask,  how come  only was the pitch is a terrible state  but the cleaning staff were just equipped with household stuffs to mend the pitch of our national stadium. 

2. VIEW,  READ, INVESTIGATE AND MAKE YOUR OWN CONCLUSION  :  Hanya Satu Nama Di Bibir, dan nama itu adalah Khairy Jamaluddin

LOOKING back, this may even top the nation's  biggest sports related  financial scandal of all time. READ : Nothing to hide Khairy Jamaluddin finally owns up that RM100 million missing from sports ministry

AND ,  we have Khairy Jamaluddin now ,  adamant that there is no need for a tender on MySejahtera ,ignoring his own party's deputy president  READ :Deep Concern On Why No Tenders Are BEING called by the Health Ministry

PS :  There will be an update on story related to the stadium latter today but without a song coz I can't find one stupid enough ...