Tuesday 14 June 2022

The 5G Research Mafia : Smoke On The Water

is taken from Deep Purple's  best selling album ever, the 1974 released  Machine Head album.  Though the song never made it to number one position in any of the major charts,  the song rationates even after 48 years

THE research MAFIA,  seems to have gotten a bit braver, and bolder ever since,  a rival news portal TWISTED an Edge Story OUT of context  READ :  While 5G is still up in the air, Malaysia's telcos have lost RM26 billion in market value. What is MCMC doing?

IN recent days,  RHB Research,  yes folks the same RHB Research which stupidly stated in 2021 that READ : The World Bank estimate that Malaysia will grow less than 5 pet cent in 2021 is hogwashnow wants to sell you another hogwash idea.

We'll never forget
Smoke on the water
A  fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

I can't hear anything
One more time
Smoke on the water !!!

ANY  research house or shoe salesman trying to sell you and me the idea that the telco  shares are dropping because of the rebel telco's stalemate with Digital Nasional Bhd,   is either a serious overdose case,  incompetent  or a very competent entity intent on manipulation.

LET'S  check out the numbers than to a certain the funky view by RHB Research,  that the 5G issue is the drag on  the telco share price.

CAN RHB Research then explain how and why did the seven members wireless service sector had seen a  

RM40 billion drop in market capitalisation from 15 May 2014 to May 202O when there was NO DIGITAL NASIONAL BHD OR 5G to pin the BLAME ON?

AND you,  CIMB  nice try but can you DENY the following statement that CELCOM will NO LONGER issue joint statements  with Maxis and U Mobile on matters related to Digital Nasional Bhd and its Guardian angel  the Ministry of Finanace regarding joining the 5G bandwagon?