Sunday 26 June 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin, Mr Kool Aid : Kalau Bodoh, Jangan Sombong!

is taken from Malaysia's  first trash metal band Freedom That's Gone (FTG), first album in 15 years,  the 2019 hot seller,  Kau Jangan Kurang Ajar.

KAU Jangan Kurang Ajaris certainly not  what's on the mind of Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak,  two individuals who gave him back his political life in the days after  the fall of Ahmad Abdullah Badawi.  

KHAIRY Jamaluddin  now wants to potray himself as a team player,  perhaps in the hope that despite definitely  being dropped as the candidate for REMBAU,  he will be given a place elsewhere by UMNO.  READ : Saya dulu pun banyak komen tetapi sekarang adalah masa untuk kita bina semula parti.

IN their minds,  Khairy Jamaluddin  ni memang dah terlampau Kurang ajar.  READ : Khairy Jamaluddin : I don't trust the UMNO president.

YUP,  that underrated UMNO president, who knew when to hold, and when to fold,  who took blow after blow, only to slam dunk it,  linking both Khairy Jamaluddin, Muhyiddin  Yassin with their own Ultra Kirana nightmare .READ :  The Ultra Kirana money came from unknown Hong Kong sources, for unknown reasons to pay Malaysian politicians.

PERHAPS  with the heat on  him,   Khairy Jamaluddin  is losing his bearing and common sence.  

Berhidung tinggi
Tak salah kalau hidup merendah diri
Dilimpahi dirahmati murah rezeki
Di kutuk di keji kau tak mengerti
Memang kau si bongkak meninggi diri
Kalaulah bodoh.... Janganlah sombong

ONE wonders why READ : Mr delusional, drunk on own Kool-Aid could not just call Nur Jazlan and have a chat  unless of course,   they are crates of  Kool -Aid left in the fridge .