Saturday 25 June 2022

Di Puji Tak Terbang, Di Hina Tak Tumbang : Malaysia's Inai Kiara : One Man Can Change The World.

is a song recorded for Big Sean' s  third studio album Dark Sky Paradise. The single which features  supporting vocals from Natasha Bedingfield,  John Legend & Kanye West,  despite failing to crack the top 40,  sold more than one million copies as well as the 2015 Best Video award  

BEIJING :  2013 a day ahead of the IDES of  March , a paradox of  a man is anoited  paramout leader of China

A FAN of Mario Puzo's Godfather,  the twice married Xi Jinping  is now President  of  China,  the most powerful man in a nation with 1.35 billion people.

THE last time,  China stood on the brink of greateness  READ :was in 1820, only to self destruct.

THE  last time China had an impressive naval fleet was more than 500 years ago . READ500 years ago, China destroyed its world-dominating navy

BEIJING is in a hurry and  for good reason.  Unknown to most at that point of time,  the die had been cast decades ago,  with CHINA firmly slotted to  grow old before it can get rich. 
CHINA under Xi  has increasingly become more aggressive in reclamation and dredging works in and around South East Asia  and claiming uninhabitated rocks as their own.

Havin' million dollar dreams
And when you get it all
Kust remember one thing
Remember one thing
That one man
Could change the world

BY 2014,  backed by the strength of 1.35 billion people,  loans way below market rates,  Beijing funded sea works on the disputed islands in  South East Asia,  the state owned  VIEW  : CHEC (China Harbour Engineering Company dislodges Malaysia's Inai Kiara as Asia's biggest dredging company

PETALING JAYA,  the year is 2014. a group of  grown men fitted with coat &  suits,  relaxingly awaits a mere formality.

Their egos are about to get humiliated.

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