Thursday 2 June 2022

Mysejahtera, How It ENDS! :. Meet Mr :. NUDGE.

is a track from the post punk 50  duo,. Sleaford Mods, who finally found fame and fortune when their song Mork & Mindy topped the UK charts last year.

MEET Mr Nudge , a man who wants to nudge Malaysians to do this and that.    A man who talks about behavioural science. 

 THESE are all terms that became popular 18 years ago, when Nobel Laureate Richard H. Thaler published the book READNUDGE

Nudge it
You're just a mind that's spraying and praying on walls
And the after effects are making my skin crawl
You're just a mind that's saying and playing so dull
And the after effects are making my skin crawl
I've been hard choked into a pool of inaction
It's all commercial gain to point the seeds of destruction

SUBSEQUENTLY, in 2015,.the  Obama administration tried using behavioural science to shape people’s behaviour. READ: Executive Order Formally Establishes US ‘Nudge Unit’

NUDGING is not a bad thing, when done ethically in a open  environment but in the hands of the unethical,.the consequences can be sinisterly disastrous. 

ANYONE who thinks,. the government prior to Covid 19, did not have our data,. should have his or her head checked. 

 IN the wrong hands ie private sector or tainted politician working with unknown parties,. the data on the small choices we make daily is a potent tool to nudge us into the wrong direction.