Friday 17 June 2022

Mysejahtera in the MIX ; All that money, would have made such a succulent sound but : That Was Then, THIS is NOW.

is  the song that returned the 1960's  band, Monkees  back from  an 18 year hiatus without a hit song right into  the  centre of  the 1986 pop universe .

MYSJ Sdn Bhd can  still play the defining  role in MySejahtera,  though I  doubt ,  once the dust settles down, if Maybank will still be super keen to be their partners .

Showed me the door.
I can't doubt it,
I don't doubt it no more.
That was then
This is now.

ALTHOUGH  MYSJ will still get paid for services done, they wont be able to hear the  succulent sound of money  year in ,  year out, going forward.

AND with that  the  Muhyiddin  Yassin / Khairy Jamaluddin nexus,  WON'T  be in The Mix,  no MORE!!!