Monday 6 June 2022

The 5 G facts and : Rumours

Is the first single by rapper Lizzo after a two year hiatus.  The single which was released on August 2021, also features the currently hot Cardi B.

What they say? 
What they say?
Give 'em something to talk about
Sick of rumors
But haters do what they do
Haters do what they do
All the rumors are true

BEFORE we hit the gravepine, let's zero in on a repulsive news READ :  We don’t need to build 5G for the whole country – it would be too expensive.

THE above statement is from a former Jaring CEO.  My view is simple, most of the people who fought communism in Malaysia, be they Malay, Indian or Chinese or were brutalised by the communist came from the villages.

WE need to give them a fair shake, regardless of the cost because education, and development are the best way to create equality in our unequal society.

NOW on the rumours, U Mobile's planned sale of 1600 telecommunications tower to a unit of Axiata for RM600 million is off and with that so is U Mobile's listing plans.  The plans will only be revisited once U Mobile provide a 5G solution to the government's requirements.