Thursday 2 June 2022

For King & Country : War Song

Is from Culture Club's third album released in 1984, which many describe as their worst album ever. Waking Up With The House On Fire,. did however produce some chart toppers such as the War Song.

WAKING up with the house on fire is something, we, the working class people of this nation won't have to worry about coz our have been on fire for some time now.

IMPOSE GST, don't impose GST. Free the market, don't free the market. Hold elections now, don't hold the election now.  Are just a few of many voices that is confusing this nation.

Find a place for you
For black or white, for grown-up children too
Now we're fighting in our hearts
Fighting in the streets
Won't somebody help me?
War, war is stupid and people are stupid
And love means nothing in some strange quarters

WE are ONE people with too many different voices and views, and a government run by men who did not win the last General Elections.

BITCH  about it we can,. but will that solve our problems?  

WE live in very extraordinary times, we must therefore do the brave thing which may not be the morally correct thing to do.

CONSIDER this, why not postpone the Zahid Hamidi, Lim Guan Eng, and Najib Razak court cases, disband the Majlis Keselamatan Negara, and follow what our KING had wanted in the first place, as reported by Raja Petra Kamaruddin : READ : Agong Favours A United Government

WE need to be in one official voice, to fight this unprecedented war, with a slim down group of men and women who have the know how, and experience to guide us through the huracaine ahead. READ : Brace yourself for the huracaine ahead.