Wednesday 1 June 2022

Dial V for Victory or V for Vanquished. Axiata Group's : We Lost the ROAD!!

is a 1972  track taken from the Bee Gees 10th studio album, To Whom It May Concern,  which has the indignity of being the third consecutive album that failed to break into the top 40.  Who would have wager that five years latter that the Bee Gees would become the IT band of the late 1970's with Saturday Night Fever.

TO whom it May Concern, do take some time off and give some thought to the following : 

3. BEING a Government linked entity,. what is the level of  shame,. does one  feel, when one is partly responsible  for the disappointing state of 5G affairs.  VIEWThe interactive 5G map by Ookla shows that the greater of Kuala Lumpur has six 5G towers, while Singapore has 71 and Bangkok has 144

We lost the road, oh yeah
Ah, we lost the road
Don't you know
We lost the road
We must have lost the road.
Don't you think it's getting late?
Maybe if it's colder,
We can stop and wait.

4.A WHO  has 14.2 per cent of Malaysia cellular market or 6.22 million subscribers, grows yearly better than the GDP ?

NOW do tell me,. Who has the best chance of creating a bona fide super MVNO in Malaysia and abroad?  It is you,. Axiata Celcom. 

YOU might realise it,. If you take your eyes off DiGi to for a moment as the grass is greener on your side of the turf.