Friday 3 June 2022

Malaysia in 48 hours, The Leadership : Seloka Pak Kadok .

is a song by Roslan Madun , that never gained the commercial popularity which it rightfully should have.  Perhaps if it did, We may not be in the position we are in today.

WE have minister who don't know the difference between a welcome  and a protest. READ : Bangladeshis say they were protesting but Malaysian Minister Saravanan insist that they were there to greet hi

WHILE the richest man in the world READis feeling super bad about the economy ,  Nazir Razak  READ :  is suggesting a windfall tax on the most productive players currently 

Ayamnya menang kampung tergadai,
Ada nasi dicurahkan,
Awak pulang kebuluran,
Mudik menongkah surut,
Hilir menongkah pasang,
Ada isteri dibunuh,
Nyaris mati oleh tak makan,
Masa belayar kematian angin,
Sauh dilabuh bayu berpuput,

LET me put it to you, what this man who have some serious ethically issues of his own to address (How nice you are chairman of Ikhlas Capital in Singapore which wants to do business in Malaysia and Bank Pembangunan in Malaysia)  is saying in layman terms.

Its like the English Premier League saying to Mo Sallah of Liverpool, we will give you a red card if you score more than 23 goals next season.   

SO what do you think Mo Sallah will do?  score more than 23 goals,. and get a red card, purposely score less than 23 goals or move to another league where he will be rewarded for scoring more than 23 goals.

PRIME Minister Ismail Sabri meanwhile, want to reintroduce GST tax regime  to improve government coffers. 

IMPROVE them for what Mr Prime Minister?so that there can be more leakages and we can appoint more people as advisors? 

PLEASE do the math,. Mr Prime Minister.  According to  Kamal Salih,  former chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) READ :  RM1.8 trillion was traced to offshore accounts, whereas the national gross domestic product (GDP) output over the past decades was RM1.6 trillion

FOR a change, instead of listening to the likes of Khairy Jamaluddin,.who by the way has yet to answer if he is the K.J  that had been receiving money from Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd, despite a witness saying so. READ : Witness says it in court, K.J listed in Ultra Kirana's secret slush fund book is Khairy Jamaluddin,. the health minister.

WHY don't you listen to the UMNO Youth Head instead who wants the MACC head to be answerable only to Parliament . READ : Place MACC under Parliament, Youth suggests.

FIGHT corruption and the rest will fall in place on its own.