Monday 6 June 2022

Another Brick In The Wall, Ismail Sabri : Bull's EYE

Is a song from Earl Edgar D'souza which was released in 2007.  As far as I know the  song didn't chart anywhere but the lyrics are relevant to Malaysia today .

ANOTHER Brick In The Wall has hit the Bull's Eye on Prime Minister Ismail Sabri.  As we know, following the ill advised move to ban chicken exports to our Southern neighbour,  READ : Singapore now is importing 10 times more chicken from Thailand

You Got To Survive...
You Got To Hit The Bull's Eye
You Got To Survive
You Got To Hit The Bull's Eye
You Got To Hit The Bull's Eye

EVEN the King is concerned. READ : Address food security crisis immediately,

SO what is it , ANOTHER Brick In The Wall  has hit  the Bull's EYE on?  Well, can Ismail Sabri be the poster boy for Barisan Nasional in a general election if the chicken and inflation crisis is not handled with care? 

 CAN he?  Personally, I don't think so,. although I know he is trying his best.