Sunday 19 June 2022

Dial V for Victory or V for Vanquished. Axiata Group, is in no shape for a showdown with🤦‍♂️ : The Cowboys from Hell

is Pantera's  major label  studio debut album released in 1992,  that  went platinum  and helpec define  what  metal  rock is  all  about.

WHAT a mess,  Axiata Celcom has found it self in,  and  it has only itself to blame for it. 

The Kalimullah  arbitration/ law suit  for Tune Money, not to be part of  the Axiata  Celcom-Digi merger could well turn Celcom"s golden goose into its worst nightmare.

They say bad guys wear black
We're tagged and can't turn back
You see us comin'
And you all together run for cover
We're taking over this town
Here we come reach for your gun
And you better listen well, my friend, you see
It's been slowed down below
Aimed at you, we're the cowboys from hell
Deed is done again, we've won.

OBVIOUSLY,  the Axiata Celcom folks must have been  having a great time derailing Digital Nasional Bhd,  and kissing up to U Mobile,  that they forgot,  if things don't go well with the merger with Digi ,  Axiata Celcom can end up in the poor  house for good.

CONSIDER the following ;

1)  How come  during the first announced but  latter failed Celcom -Digi  planned merger,  the Tune Talk shareholders  didn't file in a similar  suit ?  It could well be because,  Tune Talk is entirely depended on Celcom's  network .

2,) What has changed,  Tune Talk is still reliant on  Celcom Network?  Yes,  they are  but with Digital Nasional Bhd in the picture, Tune Talk won't be needing Celcom that much going forward,  because everyone will share the same network..

3) Supposing the Axiata Celcom  /DIGi  merger fails again,  and supposing Axiata Celcom  is stupid enough  not to jump 100 per cent into  Digital Nasional  Bhd's arms,  and supposing  Tune Talk buys the shares Celcom  and Digi should have bought in Digital Nasional Bhd.
Then,  in  a couple of years time,  TUNE TALK  will end up being  bigger than Axiata Celcom.

WHICH is why not a single soul from the current board or tier 1 management  team, should be considered as a candidate to replace Izzaddin Idris  as president and group  CEO.

ALL these lack of  strategy from Axiata Celcom ,  gets harder to swallow because  as it is,  the firm's less than  RM4  million  cash investment in Tune  Talk more than  a  decade ago,  rakes in anywhere between  RM250 million to RM400 million a  year in  pure cash for AXIATA Celcom.