Saturday 27 November 2021

AirAsia X : Seek and DESTROY

is the first single recorded by hard rockers,  Metallica for their 1983 debut album, Kill' em All.

If Air Asia X thought by  READ  : ENTERTAINING Mavcom and then DEALING with the issue, they will get away with paying  RM50 from every RM1000 that wage earners gave the airline for promised flights which they NEVER TOOK PLACE 

It's best the airline think again, and this time around,  if they LOSE,  they won't end up with a puny fine READ : Mavcom fines AirAsia RM200,000 for contravening consumer protection code.

We're scanning the scene in the city tonight
We're looking for you to start up a fight
There is an evil feeling in our brains
But there's nothing new,
you know it drives us insane
Running, on our way, hiding
You will pay dying

The battle  won't be in Malaysia, with consumers pinning minuet hope on MAVCOM, which they described as 


For the record, Mavcom is a unit within the Transport  Ministry.  The minister in charge is the un charhistamatic WEE KA SIONG.

INSTEAD,  consumers have joined hands, and plan to challenge  Air Asia X  in Australia first, 

because the believe is down under is where they stand the best chance 

 to stage a dramatic fight back from the dead.

 Australia's best class action legal minds,  the publicly traded Slater & Gordon is the name most mentioned to lead the onslaught on AirAsia X READ : The Slater & Gordon Investigation

BEING the come back kid 
from behind and triumph won't  be EASY,  but it is  NOT impossible, as responsible Government's in US and the EU has done what WEE KA SIONG  has yet to do  by STANDING up and with the common man.


CLEARLY , it is GAME ON, and there WILL BE